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    We supply products for both residential and commercial buildings.

    Rolling Shutters & Awnings are the only advanced Security shutters on the market today. We provide longest-lasting, high-quality shutters, and security doors for both residential and commercial buildings.


    Rolling Shutters & Awnings Developers is a leading installer of pharmacy counter shutters.

    Our rolling shutters are approved by TDI, IBC/IRC, FBC, and Miami-Dade County for hurricane protection.

    Rolling Shutters & Awnings manufactures rolling shutters that overcome the elements, whether they’re

    Rolling Shutters And Awnings Of Chicago

    Secure your window, door, countertops, kiosks, screen porches, outside storage, and much more.

    Rolling Shutters & Awnings founder St. Clair started in the rolling shutter business in 1990. We are one of the largest African-American manufacturers of security rolling shutters in the United States.

    With the introduction in 2014 of our new line of patent-pending slats, we make it our business to continue to grow and deliver unparalleled service as awning and shutter manufacture in Chicago.

    SECURE YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS with Rolling Shutters & Awnings!

    We provide shutters, awnings, patio covers, and security doors. Don’t lose your most precious possessions to burglary. PROTECT your belongings with our top-notch security shutters! We protect windows, doors & garages. If you need secure, well-built awnings or shutters in Chicago, look no further than Rolling Shutters and Awnings.


    Rolling Shutters & Awnings are the only advanced Security Shutters in the industry today. They include the most durable materials and revolutionary new slats while utilizing security screws, rivets, and angles. All shutters are custom-measured and can roll into existing soffits to minimize profile. We also provide a variety of colors and materials to blend in with the decor of your home. Our company is focused on delivering rolling shutters that rise to the challenge, whether it be home security or storm security.

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